Here are some common questions that we receive about Pets-Matter Foster Care Society (P-MFCS)

What pets will be accepted by P-MFCS?
Pets that are temporarily unable to be cared for by their human families due to crisis.

What kind of pets can be fostered?
We endeavour to foster all domestic pets. Should a species-specific foster home be required, temporary housing by a municipal animal shelter may be required

Where will pets be kept while in foster care?
Depending on the pet and whether special care is required, they may be placed in foster homes, boarding kennels or specialized environments. An assessment of each pet will be made and the recommended foster home will, when possible, be discussed with the human family. If the family is not able to participate in the discussion, the decision will be made by P-MFCS Directors, and, if necessary, in conjunction with a veterinarian or animal specialist.

What are the qualifications of the Directors of P-MFCS?
Directors have diverse backgrounds – experience is provided in canine behavior and training, boarding, grooming, wildlife rehabilitation certification, animal shelter experience, rescue and foster experience, and diverse animal volunteer experience. All Directors have years of dedication to pets and animals in general.

What if I cannot have my pet return to my family?
When pets cannot be re-united with their original family, whenever possible, pets will be placed with a reputable, pre-screened species-appropriate rescue organization.

What if I foster a pet and want to keep it permanently?
It must be understood that foster families are temporary guardians of pets and the intention of P-MFCS is to re-unite pets with their families. Should a family be unable to have their pet return home, and the pet is surrendered, foster families may be offered the opportunity to adopt.

My fostered pet requires veterinary care. Who pays?
P-MFCS will cover required veterinary expenses for necessary medical care.

How will P-MFCS find out about pets requiring fostering?
P-MFCS will contact emergency services (police, fire, ambulance), hospital social workers, doctors’ offices, safe houses, service organizations, and community services to advise of this service. Should you know of an organization who could benefit, please pass along the information.

I would like to volunteer but cannot foster a pet. What can I do?
We are a new Society with a very small Board. We welcome volunteers of all sorts.

If you would like to help and have a suggestion, please contact us. If you have skills or interests such as fundraising, graphic design, newsletter publishing, writing, public speaking, animal expertise, we’d appreciate hearing from you.

Is P-MFCS a registered Charity?
P-MFCS received Society status from the Province of BC in May, 2011.

I would like to donate to P-MFCS. Can I get a tax receipt?
An application is pending for Revenue Canada charitable status and is not yet effective. We are currently unable to provide charitable receipts.

My family will be away for an extended period. Will P-MFCS provide foster care while we are away?
P-MFCS provides foster care for pets in times of family crisis only. We do not provide boarding or temporary care otherwise.

My pet is being fostered by P-MFCS, what is the cost?
Families are requested to provide whatever financial contribution they are able to at the time or in the future. Should that not be possible, P-MFCS will ensure that all pets are properly cared for.

My neighbour is ill and has no-one to care for her pet and cannot afford to pay a kennel while she gets medical treatment. How can P-MFCS help?
P-MFCS will pick up the pet, place it in a foster home and care for it until they can be re-united. Whenever possible, contact will be kept with the pet’s owner, regular updates provided and in some cases, visits arranged. Every case will be handled individually and arrangements made that are conducive to the wellbeing of the pet and its human.



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