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How You Can Help...

Do you know someone who has a pet and is unable to find care for it while receiving medical or other treatment?

Do you have a patient who needs personal care but refuses, afraid to lose their pet?

Do you know a family in a potentially dangerous situation who cannot seek help because their beloved pet would be left behind?

If so, tell them about Pets-Matter Foster Care.

Are you able to provide a loving, temporary home to a lizard, fish, bird, cat, dog or even a pot-bellied pig?

You can help by being a foster caregiver.

Do you love animals and believe that every family should be able to enjoy the companionship of a pet?

We have plenty of jobs for every type of volunteer and would love to talk to you.

Can’t help and would like to donate?

We are all volunteers, receive no corporate or government support and all funds raised go toward the care and fostering of family pets.



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